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Enormous thanks go to all the unwitting participants of these gems...enjoy!
"Troy Hawke's Guide To Racism"
Troy explores breaking into racism
"Welcome to Wilkos"
Troy Hawke infiltrates his local Wilkinsons and just starts working there.
"Whetherspoons or Forks"
Troy Hawke reflects on the holistic delights of his local Wetherspoons
"'Poundland of the Free...Poundhome of the Brave!'"
Troy examines the left-wing paradise 'Poundland' and completes the high street trilogy. There is a path of broken ideals to trample over the three minutes therein, though the final destination is somewhat redemptive.
"Widow's Beak!"
Troy examines the nefarious allure of the local Bingo Hall...
"Troy Hawke at The Football"
Troy goes to his first football match...
"Troy goes to a Biker Rally"
Troy goes to a rally and decides to start up his own gang...
"Troy Hawke at The Fringe"
Troy discovers art EVERYWHERE in Edinburgh during the Fringe. Leith is a highlight...
"Troy Hawke at The Bookmakers"
Troy gets into a pickle in a bookmakers in Stockport
"Troy Hawke asks Scousers to 'Adopt a Word'"
I visit Liverpool to encourage her inhabitants to adopt archaic words and end up foiling a street robbery
"Troy Hawke: Middle Aisle Aldi...ILLUMINATI CONNECTION"
I work out the riddle of Aldi's middle aisle and unlock a portal of doom. And die in the end.
Beware your local bingo hall...
"Troy Hawke turns Bogan"
I do my best to assimilate in a rough pub in Perth, Australia
"Troy Hawke works as a bouncer at a rough pub in Australia"
I try my hand as a bouncer to the surpirse, delight and violence of the Aussie locals
"IKEA KANYE WEST CIA CONNECTION"'s all there in the title