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Kind words written by lovely intelligent people.
"undeniably funny"
"The genius of McCabe is that each character is so unique, if they weren't appearing in the same show, you might wonder if they were actually real. All in all, a very funny and very satisfying hour"
"Milo McCabe's creation is quite superb...blisteringly funny, with perfectly worded jokes"
  Broadway Baby
"outstanding character comedian...massive amounts of fun"
  The Skinny
"mad comic genius"
  The Scotsman
"Milo McCabe's matinee idle luvvie Troy Hawke is near on perfection and has created a show so pure with comedy and originality that there were more than a few moments where the audience almost had to ask for a pause"
  The New Current
"a must see for any comedy of the best comedy acts this year, he will outgrow his venue in no time"
  Edfest Mag
"chaotic, mad and very very funny"
"Spectacular character...brilliantly sharp, lacing his wit with a touch of the surreal"
"Milo McCabe presents a character (Troy Hawke) so defined and well realised that the room is instantly on board...In the future he deserves a larger stage to develop this excellent show in other media since the character can most definitely sustain it."
  The Wee Review