Welcome! Thanks for visiting my website.

You'll find plenty of information here about my stand-up and the host of different characters that I perform as, like Tyson Moon - the tragic son of a 1970s mainstream comedian, rough and ready Grimsby Scrabble champion Q10 and of course my most 'famous' character Philberto - the Portuguese reality tv show winner.

'll regularly update my gig list and blog, so do check back frequently for any news and to find out where I'm performing. I'm also happy to hear from anyone via Twitter and Facebook.

For bookings, please head on over to the contact page for details of how to get in touch with my agent. With enough notice and information I can tailor make material to suit any private comedy event you are considering me for, so please bear that in mind.

I'm currently appearing in the ITV2 series 'Blue Go Mad In Ibiza' as fake Spanish Policeman 'Juan' (episodes 3 and 4), and will be featured in Daniel Sloss's upcoming fitcom project 'M.U.F.F.'



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